Early Intervention.jpgIn the first years of a child’s life, Early Intervention services can make a huge difference. Our experienced professionals each have the highest early childhood intervention credentials and are qualified to provide your child with interactive teaching techniques specially developed for children from birth through 5 years of age.
Early Interventionist understands your family’s needs and will help you as your child grows from a newborn into a happy and strong 5 year old. Together, we will identify questions you may have about raising your child and help find answers to those questions, including:

  • “Does my child need therapy?”
  • “What services are available for my daughter?”
  • “How should I understand my son’s evaluations?”
  • “What will happen when my son or daughter goes to school?”

Downs Syndrome Horry County SC Our families meet with Early Interventionists weekly in their child’s home or caregiver’s facility. These meetings will provide your child with developmentally appropriate instruction and inform you of ways to assist your child as he/she grows and develops. Families also may take advantage of our agency’s extensive experience and contacts with public and private agencies, which tailors a program that works for you, your child, and your family.

Early Intervention’s job is to maximize your child’s potential and assist you in planning for their future.

Understanding how your children grow and learn is the first step to a happy and healthy child.

If you have a child aged birth to age 3:
For a free screening for children birth to 3 years contact your local BabyNet Office at:
(843) 915-8846
or send an email to babynet@scfirststeps.org.

For children older than 3 years:
contact DDSN referral line at  (800) 289-7012. Once you have completed the screening, if eligible you will be offered a choice of providers. Horry County Disabilities & Special Needs Early Intervention Program is here to help.