New Ideas Industries
worker-training is the day services component of the Horry County Disabilities and Special Needs Board. The Board operates two Work Activity Centers, one in Conway and the other in Loris. There are varying levels of skills training provided in these settings. Some of the consumers may work on basic social skills and personal care skills, while others work in areas where they are paid to do contract work and their skills training focuses more on increasing their production while others are going out into the community for employment opportunities. The Work Activities Centers offer 4 different services.
Support Center Services
Provides care and supervision for individuals so families can get a break from care giving or go to work. There is no training component to this service.
Day Activities
Individuals in this service area work on basic social skills, self-help skills and personal care skills.
Career Preparation
Develops skills that are needed for successful employment. Many folks in this service also receive employment services or are offered work that is done at New Ideas.
Community Support Service
Community Service is aimed at developing one’s awareness of, interaction with and/or participation in their community through  exposure to the community and through teaching such concepts as self-determination, self-advocacy, socialization and the acquisition of these social skills.

Employment Services
WorkThis program provides assistance in obtaining and sustaining competitive employment. The service provides two avenues in which to do this: Group Employment and Individual Employment. When a person receives individual employment services, job coaches provide on-the-job training, resume building, interviewing training and short-term follow-up to sustain the employment. Group employment is also available in the form of either a mobile work crew or an enclave. Mobile work crews currently provide cleaning services, lawn care to companies in the community, and work at several of the Goodwill Center’s scattered throughout the county. An enclave provides workers and a supervisor to a company so that the work is performed in the contracting company versus the actual work activity center.